Jutug Fabric

Jutug Fabric

  • 30Prestige
  • 30Finesse
  • 2Lightness
  • 40Insulation
  • 50Impermeability
  • 5Tarnish
  • 5Durabilty
  • 52Immutability
  • 48Mechanical resistance
NameJutug Fabric
TypeFine fabric


Weave jutug100%1 Sewing5000:45:004

Can be used in

Devise a runic tanning frames6005:47:1346121211
Devise a runic captaltar6008:20:0040202011
Devise a runic windmill7005:47:138003001508015
Devise a runic dummy6205:47:134040404011
Devise a runic samponar6808:20:00404040404040110
Devise a samponar4008:20:0020202020202010
Devise a spying kit2000:41:402122
Devise a dummy1800:20:00202020201Yes
Sew a Hirouldian hood3704:37:461055Yes
Sew a Galidjian hat3805:09:01635Yes
Sew a Highonar hat3404:37:46825Yes
Sew fabric trims2500:27:4611Yes
Sew a Lankarian blouse4906:35:50875Yes
Devise a runic spying case5004:37:4622211
Assemble a norstrian wall4501:01:0636010
Sew a gambison section1800:30:0031Yes
Sew Simalian pants3905:09:01685Yes
Sew Lankarian pants4205:41:2810115Yes
Sew a Lankarian cape4005:09:0119145Yes
Sew a Simalian blouse5606:35:5028145Yes
Sew a Lankarian hat4305:41:28795Yes
Sew a Simalian hat5306:35:5010145Yes
Sew a Simalian cape5406:35:5025135Yes
Sew a Simalian tabard5006:35:5022105Yes
Sew a Lankarian tabard4806:35:501685Yes
Sew an imperial tunic6006:35:5030155Yes
Sew a Simalian skirt5206:35:501585Yes
Sew a Mistyon tabard3204:37:4610105Yes
Sew a Lankarian skirt4605:41:2820125Yes
Sew an apron1500:30:00161Yes
Sew a Mistyon faulds3204:37:46655Yes
Create a decorative dagger6018:31:061
Sew a leonigold blouse6606:35:5028205
Sew leonigold pants6205:09:0122205
Assemble an insulated wall1001:01:0660101Yes
Assemble a roofcloth1202:02:13201Yes
Devise tanning frames1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a windmill2000:50:0040015075405
Devise a captaltar1008:20:002010101
Sew crakows1300:30:0011Yes
Sew a coif100:06:1511Yes
Sew a hat200:10:0021Yes
Sew a wallcloth1001:01:06401
Sew pants800:30:0031Yes
Sew a checked tabard3001:11:40201Yes
Sew a short tabard1500:30:0081Yes
Sew a long tabard2500:57:46141Yes
Sew a banner2200:41:40151
Sew a camisole500:30:0021Yes
Sew a short cape400:20:0071Yes
Sew a lined cape1800:57:13221Yes
Sew a long cape900:30:00121Yes
Sew a shirt600:30:0021Yes
Sew a short shirt400:23:0311Yes
Sew a fabric faulds1100:30:0051Yes
Sew a bedding2000:41:40151Yes


Myrmidon troglodyte0.01%1
Mutated troglodyte0.01%1
Catopledan noserius0.06%1
Summon The Ancestor0.04%1
Summon the Felgorn horror0.05%1
Trade in Halmvik0.02%1
Visit the snow tunnels0.02%1
Search the hollow head0.02%1