• 25Thermal strength


Barter for lignite100%1 General000:01:0012
Extract lignite100%1-5 Extracting800:10:00
Haggle for a batch of combustibles100%10-20 Commerce1401:06:404


Name Terrain Difficulty Risk Level Qantity
Highaerie Hills Hill6140%
Hills of the Seven Mirrors Hill200.1180%


NameLandformDifficultyRisk LevelQantity
Lignite pitHillHill3100%
Teasan's marketUrbanUrban2100%

Can be used in

Produce a Galanmandra resin6605:05:331010511
Produce a turquoise tannin8802:05:002840201
Cast a runic blacksmith's hammer5004:37:465111
Cast a kryamane ingot4800:20:50551Yes
Forge a runic fork5004:37:461111
Forge a runic billhook5004:37:46111
Forge a runic axe5004:37:462111
Forge a runic scraper5004:37:46111
Forge a runic saw5004:37:46211
Forge runic scissors5704:37:46111
Forge a runic trowel5004:37:46111
Forge runic jewelry pliers5004:37:46111
Forge a runic stone chisel5004:37:46211
Cast a runic sieve5004:37:46211
Cast a runic awl5004:37:46111
Cast a runic pickaxe5004:37:463111
Forge a runic compasses5004:37:46111
Forge a runic spade5004:37:461111
Smelt galandrite5901:19:10101Yes
Cast a galandor ingot5501:15:00731Yes
Create fortified cement2200:12:3010415Yes
Melt lansferum glass4000:27:4651
Melt bormadar glass4100:27:4651
Melt marapidos glass4600:27:4651
Melt clearmoon glass5600:27:462221Yes
Melt diodur glass5900:27:46414
Melt krystalid glass5100:27:46321Yes
Melt constituar glass3900:27:46111111
Melt volriziar glass7500:27:4651
Cast metal jewelry clasps1000:27:4611Yes
Cast metal jewelry embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
Cut up a catoblepas5200:25:00115106
Forge a runic knife5004:37:46111Yes
Cast a metal wall6009:15:33300100Yes
Cast a metal portcullis6009:15:33300100Yes
Cast armor reinforcement pieces3500:27:4631
Cast metal trims2500:27:4611Yes
Forge an iceslicer6506:56:4025110
Melt xurananor glass7100:27:461021
Melt oceanabor glass6800:27:46621
Melt palvisim glass7900:27:4655110
Mold a scepter3800:30:00335Yes
Forge a shadowsaber7006:56:402020110
Cast a steel ingot2300:05:0014101
Cast a silver ingot2200:02:30101Yes
Cast a blueroc ingot3500:13:03731
Cast a bronze ingot900:02:30821Yes
Cast a copper ingot600:02:30101Yes
Cast a domane ingot2500:13:037211
Cast an iron ingot1800:02:30101Yes
Cast a kryanroc ingot4300:20:50731Yes
Cast a kryanbor ingot5000:27:46101
Cast a kryandel ingot4000:20:50731Yes
Cast a kryanod ingot4500:20:50731Yes
Cast a brass ingot800:02:30821Yes
Cast a zinc ingot1100:02:30101Yes
Cast an eliandel ingot2700:13:037211
Cast a tin ingot400:01:15101
Cast an odiemel ingot3000:13:03101
Create lime700:12:30103
Create limestone concrete1500:12:301055
Produce an oak tannin1600:12:303411Yes
Produce a chrome tannin2300:25:0010811Yes
Produce an acacia tannin2500:12:30101011Yes
Produce salt tannin300:06:151011Yes
Produce a mountain tannin2000:06:15107511Yes
Produce brodirar resin2200:10:00104111Yes
Produce cornamus resin1000:10:005211Yes
Produce orchinia resin500:10:0010211Yes
Cast metal jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
Cast stone chisels100:01:1511
Melt brodamine glass800:27:4651Yes
Melt casadir glass300:27:4651Yes
Melt catoblar glass3800:27:463111
Melt drosade glass1400:27:4651Yes
Melt kaladrinum glass2000:27:4651Yes
Melt krisental glass3100:27:4651Yes
Melt doctarius glass2600:27:4651Yes
Cast a flail1800:40:00711Yes
Cast a battle hammer1700:26:00511Yes
Cast a blacksmith's hammer1500:30:00511Yes
Cast a war hammer2201:00:00611Yes
Cast an awl600:30:0011Yes
Cast a sieve400:30:0021Yes
Cast a morning star1900:28:00711Yes
Cast a mace200:20:00611Yes
Cast a flanged mace2000:36:00711Yes
Cast a pickaxe1000:30:00311Yes
Forge scissors1700:30:0011Yes
Forge hardware1000:06:1511
Forge blades100:01:1511
Forge files1500:04:5111Yes
Forge jewelry pliers2000:30:0011Yes
Forge fasteners300:02:3011
Forge armor rivets1500:13:3611
Forge crossbow parts2700:27:4641
Forge a stone chisel900:30:0021Yes
Forge compasses1800:30:0011Yes
Forge a hunting knife700:30:0011Yes
Forge a scraper500:30:0011Yes
Forge a thief's tools2200:30:0011
Forge a ranseur1700:50:00101Yes
Forge a saber1201:00:0051Yes
Forge a scalpel1900:30:0011Yes
Forge a spangenhelm9900:23:4581
Forge a stiletto1101:00:0031Yes
Forge a barbute9900:23:4581
Forge a bardiche500:30:00311Yes
Forge a spade400:30:00111Yes
Forge a dagger100:10:0011
Forge a short sword601:00:0031Yes
Forge a longsword801:00:0051Yes
Forge a pitch fork1000:30:00211Yes
Forge a battle axe700:28:00611
Forge an axe1200:30:00211Yes
Forge a war axe1000:30:00711Yes
Forge a hand axe200:14:00211Yes
Forge a halberd1300:42:00411Yes
Forge a spear300:30:00111Yes
Forge a battle spear1701:00:00211Yes
Forge a pike400:20:00211Yes
Forge a rapier1600:30:0031Yes
Forge a saw1400:30:0021Yes
Forge a billhook800:30:0011Yes
Forge a trowel600:30:0011Yes
Cast armor studs1500:27:4611Yes
Cast armor scales2300:27:4621
Cast armor links2000:27:4611Yes
Cast armor plates3000:27:4631
Cast arrowheads1400:27:4611
Cast a zinc countertop2500:27:4651
Cast a scorpidar plate4300:33:2011111
Cast a metal statue2801:00:00151Yes
Smelt calamine1600:37:30101Yes
Smelt cassiterite200:02:46101Yes
Smelt malachite900:37:30101Yes
Smelt eliandel2600:45:501013
Smelt hematite2300:41:401031Yes
Smelt odiemel3000:45:501031
Smelt blueroc3400:45:501031
Smelt domane2800:45:501031
Smelt a kryanite cluster4503:04:43110
Smelt azurite2000:34:43101
Sell lignite-100:20:0075

Sold in

Selling ​​fire
Make them burn!

Used in quests

The bronze ingot
A dirty job


Supply Oskalia with granite blocks6%1
Trade in Craneharbor0.73%1
Break down the furniture1%1
Search the hatch in Serwin Tower0.2%1
Search the hole1%1
Open the boxes1%1
Prospect at Pebble Bridge0.5%1