Trade: Hunter1
Basics of hunting6


Hunt a hare200:02:05
Hunt a doe500:09:10
Hunt a stag800:20:00
Hunt a raucous oryctus1000:11:06
Hunt an aurochs1100:20:00
Hunt a snow elk1200:20:00
Hunt a wild boar1400:30:00
Hunt a wolf1600:30:00
Hunt a varanus1800:33:20
Hunt a bear1900:30:00
Hunt a behiran2000:30:00
Hunt a Lanfar shark2200:30:00
Hunt a white aurochs2400:20:00
Hunt a lanfarian grizzly2500:34:43
Hunt a vargr2800:34:43
Hunt a skvader2900:25:00
Hunt a Norstria Goat3000:37:30
Hunt an owl3200:30:00
Hunt a cave pig3500:30:00
Hunt a walhein frigus3500:37:30
Hunt a black manticore4000:37:30
Hunt a catoblepas4500:37:30
Hunt the necrowyvern6900:55:33


Cut up a hare200:02:4611
Cut up a doe600:10:0011Yes
Cut up an oryctus800:05:0011
Cut up a stag900:10:0011Yes
Cut up an aurochs1200:10:0011Yes
Cut up a wild boar1500:13:3611Yes
Cut up a wolf1700:16:4011Yes
Cut up an elk1800:12:3011
Cut up a bear2000:16:4011Yes
Cut up a barkhein2200:16:4011
Cut up a varanus2200:18:0311Yes
Cut up a grizzly2500:16:4015
Cut up a Norstrian goat2600:16:4015Yes
Cut up a vargr2800:16:4012Yes
Cut up a behiran3000:16:4011Yes
Cut up a white aurochs3500:10:0011Yes
Cut up a warthog4500:13:3612Yes
Cut up a walhein4800:16:4011
Cut up a catoblepas5200:25:00115106
Cut up a chimera5600:25:0012
Cut up an ayrann5900:33:2011
Cut up a wyvern6600:33:20110
Cut up a necrowyvern7100:33:20120


Fish for misty chub400:04:26
Fish for speckled whitefish600:15:00
Fish for sandrin800:15:00
Fish for blue silur1000:20:00
Fish for maliko1200:30:00
Fish for guardian snapper1400:30:00
Fish for Lanfar trout1500:02:13
Fish for red tail cod1600:30:00
Fish for skrida1800:30:00
Fish for surface gurnard2000:45:00
Fish for freshwater julian2200:45:00
Fish for ogac2400:45:00
Fish for orange comber2600:45:00
Fish for royal braum2801:00:00
Fish for mostel3001:00:00
Fish for Dasboragath flounder3201:00:00
Fish for Landel vandace3401:15:00
Fish for silver cern3501:00:00
Fish for amemasu3701:15:00
Fish for salmon of wisdom4001:30:00
Fish for cavernotruc5501:30:00

Bone carving

Carve a bone needle500:01:4011Yes
Carve bone jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
Carve bone clasps1000:27:4611Yes
Carve bone embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
Carve bone trims2500:27:4611Yes
Carve a poison slugger3005:47:1311
Carve a poison dart3505:47:1311
Carve roxanar studs3500:33:2011Yes
Carve a poison flayer4005:47:1311
Carve gargkunar scales4000:33:2011Yes
Carve Rodurar links4200:33:2011
Make reinforcement for an armor4700:55:3344
Stuff Crodor's trophy5502:18:531422501
Carve predatoris scales6500:33:20310
Carve predatoris chisels7005:33:20110

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Forester10 Leadership
Borzem negotiator15 Leadership
Young domestic tortolion15 Taming
Yraen Assalan20
Homotroglodytus20 Leadership
Wolf20 Taming
Imperial lammergeier25 Taming
Sleipnor Horse25 Breeding
Nordic catoblepas25 Taming
Predator30 Leadership
Black eagle30 Taming
Vulufang30 Taming
Yormun Gan33
Boarserker37 Leadership
Snowy owl40 Taming