Trade: Animal trainer1
Basics of animal training6
Training session in taming6
Follow Rohald's lessons28


Tame a hare200:01:231
Tame a hulbor500:20:501
Tame a wild pony800:23:361
Tame a doe1000:48:361
Tame an aurochs1200:41:401
Tame a stag1400:41:401
Tame a snow elk1400:41:4023
Tame a raucous oryctus1500:20:501
Tame a lynx1600:41:401
Tame a wild boar1800:41:403
Tame a bear1900:41:402
Tame a wolf2300:41:401
Tame a varanus2501:00:005
Tame a vargr2700:55:331
Tame a Norstria goat2901:02:301
Tame a falcon3000:41:402
Tame a behiran3001:01:061
Tame a serpiguide3100:41:402
Tame a lanfarian grizzly3300:55:3315
Tame an imperial lammergeier3501:09:261
Tame a filgar3800:41:401010
Tame an owl4001:09:261
Tame a black eagle4201:09:261
Tame a nordic catoblepas4501:02:30134555
Tame a hipporage5001:02:30102345
Tame a vulufang5401:09:2651
Tame a forest wyvern6001:23:2010101010105

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Forester10 Leadership
Yraen Assalan20
Predator30 Leadership
Jacomo Silas37
Hipporiel40 Leadership