Trade: Alchemist1
Basics of alchemy6
Alchemy seminar22


Produce salt tannin300:06:151011Yes
Produce orchinia resin500:10:0010211Yes
Produce cornamus resin1000:10:005211Yes
Produce an oak tannin1600:12:303411Yes
Produce a mountain tannin2000:06:15107511Yes
Produce brodirar resin2200:10:00104111Yes
Produce a chrome tannin2300:25:0010811Yes
Produce an acacia tannin2500:12:30101011Yes
Produce a Galanmandra resin6605:05:331010511
Produce a turquoise tannin8802:05:002840201


Create lime700:12:30103
Create charcoal900:35:001551
Create limestone concrete1500:12:301055
Create fortified cement2200:12:3010415Yes
Create a fortified bone2800:16:40111
Assemble a minor membrane3002:18:534444
Create fortified leather3200:16:40111123
Assemble a dartrepulsor membrane4506:56:40441055
Assemble a bladerepulsor membrane5006:56:40441055
Assemble a macerepulsor membrane5506:56:40441055


Concoct a bright red dye1201:02:304511Yes
Concoct a bright blue dye1401:02:304511Yes
Concoct a bright cyan dye1501:02:3022511Yes
Concoct a bright green dye1801:02:304511Yes
Concoct a bright yellow dye2001:02:3022311Yes
Concoct a bright purple dye2001:02:3022511Yes
Concoct a deep purple dye2001:02:30225511Yes
Concoct a deep cyan dye2201:02:30223511Yes
Concoct a deep yellow dye2401:02:30223311Yes
Concoct a deep blue dye2601:02:3045511Yes
Concoct a deep green dye2801:02:3045511Yes
Concoct a deep red dye3001:02:3045511Yes
Concoct a slatan dye4004:37:4671011
Concoct a marblan dye4504:37:4671011
Concoct a blueam dye4804:37:4671011
Concoct a simboran dye5504:37:4671011
Concoct an odienan dye5804:37:4671011
Concoct an eliandan dye6004:37:4671011
Concoct a palpanam dye6504:37:4671011
Concoct a kryandanam dye7004:37:4671011


Prepare an exploration balm1807:38:203311Yes
Prepare a spying balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a taming balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a hunting balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a commerce balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a herbalism balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare an extraction balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a woodcutting balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a masonry balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a carpentry balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a horticulture balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a woodworking balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a breeding balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a botany balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare an alchemy balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a stonecutting balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a forge balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a prospection balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a sewing balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a metascience balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare an archeology balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a tanning balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a foundrywork balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare an engineering balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a jewelry balm2007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a blunt defense balm2507:38:203311Yes
Prepare a piercing defense balm2507:38:203311Yes
Prepare a slashing defense balm2507:38:203311Yes
Prepare a leadership balm2607:38:203311Yes
Prepare a blunt offense balm3007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a slashing offense balm3007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a piercing offense balm3007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a balm of the moon3407:38:203311
Prepare a balm of the sun3407:38:203311
Prepare a transport balm3507:38:203311Yes
Prepare a confidence balm4007:38:203311Yes


Alchemy seminar Alchemy1200:58:45
Research at the palace Alchemy3002:18:53 x 4
Sample the strange substance Alchemy5000:00:10

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Erudite10 Leadership
Alchemist20 Leadership
Golem monster22 Engineering
Mister Golem25
Jacomo Silas25
Visionary30 Leadership
Conjurer of dreams30 Leadership
Lady Strange32 Leadership
Marid35 Leadership
Stone-sage38 Leadership