Trade: Archeologist1
Basics of archeology6


Learn the Kria ritual500:10:001
Learn the Zius ritual500:10:001
Identify a common artifact800:10:001
Write an archeology booklet1000:30:002
Identify a military artifact1500:20:001
Write an archeology manual1801:00:0020
Write an archeology book2502:00:0040
Identify an occult artifact3000:30:001
Identify a noble artifact3500:40:001
Identify a runic artifact4000:47:131
Write an archeology dictionary4502:00:00 x 430
Identify a necromantic artifact4501:02:301


Search for common artifacts300:20:50
Search for military artifacts800:41:40
Search for occult artifacts1601:09:26
Search for noble artifacts2001:37:13
Search for runic artifacts4003:14:26
Search for the necromantic artifacts4501:09:26


Restore a Boen talisman200:30:001113Yes
Restore a Ghur talisman400:30:001113Yes
Restore a Kria talisman600:30:001113Yes
Restore a Sair talisman800:30:001113Yes
Restore an Ocra talisman1000:30:001113Yes
Restore a Xiru talisman1200:30:001113Yes
Restore a Zius talisman1400:30:001113Yes
Restore an Arto talisman1600:30:001131Yes
Restore a Nirm talisman2000:37:461131Yes
Restore a Pior talisman2000:30:0011121Yes
Restore a Ward talisman2200:37:461131Yes
Restore a Brim talisman2400:37:4611111Yes
Restore a Fira talisman2600:37:4611111Yes
Restore a Lodo talisman2800:37:4611111Yes
Restore a Kria idol2901:02:301111Yes
Restore a Sair idol3001:02:301111Yes
Restore an Ocra idol3101:02:301111Yes
Restore a Zius idol3201:02:301111Yes
Restore a Boen idol3301:02:301111Yes
Restore a Pior idol3301:02:301111Yes
Restore a Xiru idol3401:02:301111Yes
Restore a Ghur idol3501:02:301111Yes
Restore a Ducios talisman3601:02:301111Yes
Restore a Comtiar talisman3701:02:301111Yes
Restore a Baronis talisman3801:02:301111Yes
Restore a Princania talisman3901:02:301111Yes
Restore a Royor talisman4001:02:301111Yes
Restore an Emperator talisman4101:02:301111Yes
Restore a Vuuz talisman6205:00:0011110
Restore a Ducios incarnation6506:35:501113
Restore a Comtiar incarnation7006:35:501113Yes
Restore a Baronis incarnation7506:35:501113Yes
Restore a Princania incarnation8006:35:501114Yes
Restore a Royor incarnation8506:35:501116Yes
Restore an Emperator incarnation9006:35:501119Yes


Activate Lith1007:10:33130
Activate Pho1007:10:33130
Activate Frim1007:10:33130
Activate Eli1007:10:33130
Activate Lect1007:10:33130
Activate Pyr1007:10:33130
Activate Ethe1007:10:33130
Activate Mag1007:10:33130
Activate Rad1007:10:33130
Activate Hydr1007:10:33130
Activate Stra1007:10:33130
Activate Psy1007:10:33130


Search the rubble Archeology900:00:10
Read the incomprehensible words Archeology1000:00:10
Search the wreckage of the Rotarian Archeology1500:00:10
Search the ruins of the eastern tower Archeology1500:00:10
Recover Acerui's spearhead Archeology1500:00:10
Search an historical site in Hawkoria Archeology2500:19:26
beaucoup d'├ęcus Archeology3010:48:53
Search the ruins for documents Archeology3100:00:10
Search in the library of the domain Archeology3300:00:10
Search in the old library Archeology3300:00:10
Search the desk for documents Archeology3300:00:10
Get a lupuntar rune Archeology4000:13:53
Search the camp for information Archeology4400:01:23
Search an historical site in Lanfar Archeology4500:19:26
Search an historical site in Norstria Archeology6500:19:26

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Erudite5 Leadership
Laborer10 Leadership
Rowan Selenic20
Archeologist20 Leadership
Cerrydwen Cahern30
Wandering polymath30 Leadership
Lady Strange35 Leadership
Glutomole39 Taming