Trade: Merchant1


Haggle for tin101:06:402
Haggle for fir201:06:402
Haggle for marl301:06:402
Haggle for cedar501:06:404
Haggle for copper701:06:404
Haggle for slate801:06:404
Haggle for a batch of threads901:06:404
Haggle for a batch of plants1201:06:404
Haggle for a batch of combustibles1401:06:404
Haggle for silk2001:06:4082
Haggle for alsafa leaves2401:06:4023
Haggle for oliater sap2801:06:4022
Haggle for ayrann bones3201:06:4032
Haggle for ayrann leather3601:06:4083
Haggle for salandrin3801:06:40653
Haggle for krystalid glass4001:06:4055
Haggle for lithosnow4201:06:40874
Haggle for maestram4401:06:4023
Haggle for black varec4601:06:4033
Negotiate a pestidivian6501:06:40201010
Negotiate a Galanmandra resin6901:48:2015444
Negotiate a turquoise tannin7301:51:06820104
Bargain for a vrioltarask7605:33:208020010040


Solicit agreements506:56:40
Solicit naval agreements1506:56:40
Solicit tribal agreements2006:56:40
Solicit clandestine agreements2506:56:40
Solicit hybrid agreements3006:56:40
Solicit nordic agreements3506:56:40
Solicit obscure agreements4206:56:40


Sign a contract with the Abdek Farak Ar Commerce-100:00:10
Sign a contract with The Eliandel Claws Commerce-100:00:10
Buy race oryctus Commerce1500:00:10
Start rumors in Bolgatur Commerce1800:00:10
Discuss with itinerant traders Commerce2500:41:40
Buy race tortolions Commerce2500:00:10
Listen to the rumors of the grooms Commerce3200:00:10
Bribe the staff Commerce3800:00:50
Negotiate with the fairies Commerce4000:00:10
Brag about your business skills Commerce4000:00:50
Bribe the zealots Commerce4400:01:23

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Page10 Leadership
Borzem negotiator15 Leadership
Rowan Selenic20
Merchant20 Leadership
Marid29 Leadership
Charmer30 Leadership
Young lord33 Leadership
Crowd muddler35 Leadership
Diplomat40 Leadership