Trade: Woodcutter1
Basics of woodcutting6
Training session in wood cutting12
Woodcutting seminar18


Cut down a fir tree300:12:46
Cut down a cedar tree400:22:13
Cut down a pine tree800:16:40
Cut down an elm tree1000:25:00
Cut down a maple tree1200:33:20
Cut down yew1500:44:26
Cut down an exanese tree1500:41:40
Cut down an oak tree1700:50:00
Cut down an acacia2000:55:33
Cut down a nuertesilicio tree2401:06:40
Cut down a chanderian tree2801:01:06
Cut down a solone tree3500:58:20
Cut down salandrin tree4503:00:33
Cut down a melandrin4803:00:33
Cut down an azulio tree5001:17:46
Cut down a turgmush tree5303:00:33
Cut down a gurdismo5501:28:53
Cut down a soletto6003:36:40
Cut down salancedar6803:00:33
Cut part of the Elicard8503:36:40


Cut a fir log400:01:1511Yes
Cut a cedar log600:02:3011
Cut a pine log1000:02:3011
Cut a maple log1400:02:3011
Cut an exanese log1600:02:3011
Cut an elm log1700:02:3011
Cut an acacia log2000:02:3011
Cut a melandrin log2200:02:3011
Cut an oak log2500:02:3011
Cut a nuertesilicio log2800:03:2811
Cut a chanderian log3000:05:0011
Cut a yew log3500:06:1511Yes
Cut a solone log4000:06:5611
Cut a salandrin log4500:06:5611
Cut a gurdismo log5000:06:5611
Cut an azulio log5500:09:0111
Cut salancedar5800:09:4311Yes
Cut a soletto6000:22:5511Yes
Cut a turgmush log7300:16:4015
Cut some elicard7604:37:46150

Giant felling

Cut down a giant acacia4001:23:20
Cut down a giant oak4701:23:20
Cut down a giant pine4801:23:20
Cut down a giant gurdismo5801:23:20
Cut down a giant solone6001:23:20
Cut down a giant nuertesilicio6401:23:20
Cut down a giant salandrin6801:23:20
Cut down a giant turgmush7001:23:20


Square a giant pine4504:10:00110Yes
Square a giant oak5505:05:33110Yes
Square a giant acacia5806:28:53115Yes
Square a giant nuertesilicio5804:10:00110
Square a giant solone6306:56:40120Yes
Square a giant salandrin6406:56:40120
Square a giant gurdismo6706:56:40120
Square a giant turgmush7506:56:40120


Supply Fabian with cedar planks Woodcutting-100:00:10
Follow the scent of wood Woodcutting500:00:10
Woodcutting seminar Woodcutting1200:58:45
Clear the quarry site of trees Woodcutting3800:13:53 x 4
Gather pieces of wood Woodcutting6700:00:10

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Forester10 Leadership
Lumberjack20 Leadership
Wood scorer30 Leadership
Jacomo Silas40