Trade: Blacksmith1
Forging basics6
Training session in forging12
Forging seminar18


Forge blades100:01:1511
Forge fasteners300:02:3011
Forge a spade400:30:00111Yes
Forge a scraper500:30:0011Yes
Forge a trowel600:30:0011Yes
Forge a hunting knife700:30:0011Yes
Forge a billhook800:30:0011Yes
Forge a stone chisel900:30:0021Yes
Forge a pitch fork1000:30:00211Yes
Forge an axe1200:30:00211Yes
Forge a saw1400:30:0021Yes
Forge files1500:04:5111Yes
Forge armor rivets1500:13:3611
Forge scissors1700:30:0011Yes
Forge compasses1800:30:0011Yes
Forge a scalpel1900:30:0011Yes
Forge jewelry pliers2000:30:0011Yes
Forge a thief's tools2200:30:0011
Forge crossbow parts2700:27:4641


Forge a dagger100:10:0011
Forge a hand axe200:14:00211Yes
Forge a spear300:30:00111Yes
Forge a pike400:20:00211Yes
Forge a bardiche500:30:00311Yes
Forge a short sword601:00:0031Yes
Forge a battle axe700:28:00611
Forge a longsword801:00:0051Yes
Forge a war axe1000:30:00711Yes
Forge a stiletto1101:00:0031Yes
Forge a saber1201:00:0051Yes
Forge a halberd1300:42:00411Yes
Forge a rapier1600:30:0031Yes
Forge a battle spear1701:00:00211Yes
Forge a ranseur1700:50:00101Yes


Forge a nasal cervelliere2000:22:3021Yes
Forge a rondache2200:03:45511Yes
Forge a targe2400:20:00821Yes
Forge a heater shield2600:20:001011Yes
Forge a kite shield2800:25:331231Yes
Forge plate gloves3000:27:46411Yes
Forge a pavise3100:33:201531Yes
Forge a camail with cerveliere3200:48:36331Yes
Forge plate legs3401:02:301232Yes
Forge plate arms3600:48:361032Yes
Forge a bascinet3800:48:36731Yes
Forge a plate chest4001:44:101554Yes

Harnois armorsmith

Forge metal gauntlet5004:37:46831Yes
Forge harnois arms5205:47:131264Yes
Forge harnois legs5405:47:131464Yes
Forge harnois boots5604:37:461062Yes
Forge an armet5804:37:46964Yes
Forge a harnois chest6006:56:4017108Yes
Forge an astrishield6210:11:06151511

Runic forge

Forge a runic fork5004:37:461111
Forge a runic billhook5004:37:46111
Forge a runic axe5004:37:462111
Forge a runic scraper5004:37:46111
Forge a runic saw5004:37:46211
Forge a runic trowel5004:37:46111
Forge runic jewelry pliers5004:37:46111
Forge a runic stone chisel5004:37:46211
Forge a runic compasses5004:37:46111
Forge a runic spade5004:37:461111
Forge a runic knife5004:37:46111Yes
Forge runic scissors5704:37:46111
Forge an iceslicer6506:56:4025110
Forge a shadowsaber7006:56:402020110
Forge runic harnois arms7605:47:13126814
Forge runic harnois legs7805:47:131461014
Forge a runic harnois helm8004:37:4696414
Forge runic harnois boots8204:37:46106412
Forge runic harnois gauntlet8304:37:4683411
Forge a runic harnois chest8506:56:40252020120


Forging seminar Forging1200:58:45

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Artisan10 Leadership
Blacksmith20 Leadership
Fire leader30 Leadership
Mister Golem33
Autocrat37 Leadership
Yormun Gan45