Build a tent-100:01:1511Yes
Build an outdoor workshop-100:01:15211
Build a mine-100:01:15201Yes
Build a quarry-100:01:15201Yes
Build a lumberjack camp-100:01:15201
Build a botanism trail-100:01:1510101
Build a hunting area-100:01:151551
Build a field-100:01:15201Yes
Build a digging site-100:01:155511Yes
Build a pen-100:01:151551
Build a fighting pit-100:01:155101
Build a shelter-100:01:1510101011Yes
Build a barracks-100:01:152142012
Build a paddock-100:01:15551010
Build a telluric sanctuary-100:01:15441


Build a hut-100:01:152211
Build a cottage-100:01:15551111
Build a workshop-100:01:15541311
Build an inn-100:01:15202055111
Build a secret vault-100:01:15442041
Build a shop-100:01:151010325111
Build a school-100:01:1552102055
Build a barn-100:01:151555251Yes
Build a stage-100:01:1521515151
Build a laboratory-100:01:1510201041111
Build a Fashion house-100:01:15102020101111
Build an academy-100:01:1511105252581
Build a porch-100:01:15112020111
Build a greenhouse-100:01:155510101111
Build a bestarium-100:01:15202020201111


Build an outpost-100:01:1540103211Yes
Build a factory-100:01:151005050301111
Build a mansion-100:01:1520010010050501011
Build a monolith quarry-100:01:151002011
Build a vertical mine-100:01:15806011
Build a giantyard-100:01:151002011
Build a stonedasher-100:01:153011
Build a megalithic building site-100:01:151001111111
Build a metallurgical factory-100:01:1510010010011111
Build a shipyard-100:01:152001111111
Build a stadium-100:01:1510051
Build a lithostadium-100:01:151555530301
Build the white arena-100:01:15101010331
Build a norstrian temple-100:01:152020201001111
Build an absolulab-100:01:15208201111
Build a university-100:01:151010101010200


Build headquarters-100:01:155050505050303020
Build a manor-100:01:15200200502005050551
Build a castle-100:01:1540010010020204111
Build a palace-100:01:15202020303081011


Build watchtowers-100:01:15100100
Build a road-100:01:15100100100
Build a hiding place network-100:01:1510050100
Build tunnels-100:01:1510010050

Wood barter

Barter for tin blades000:01:0020
Barter for copper blades000:01:00520
Barter for soft leather000:01:005

Fashioning barter

Barter for a grindstone000:01:002
Barter for a cassiterite000:01:003
Barter for leather000:01:0048
Barter for a mount000:01:0018
Barter for blades000:01:0012
Barter for a needle000:01:001

Metal barter

Barter for lignite000:01:0012
Barter for a handle000:01:0020
Barter for slate sand000:01:001
Barter for marl sand000:01:002
Barter for limestone sand000:01:008

Fauna barter

Barter for carrots000:01:002
Barter for an oat bag000:01:001
Barter for copper blades000:01:002

Flora barter

Barter for a casadir ampoule000:01:0010
Barter for salt000:01:003

Stone barter

Barter for bronze chisels000:01:00102
Barter for a fir handle000:01:004
Barter for lime000:01:003
Barter for copper chisels000:01:0015

[Vente NPC]

Sell lances-100:20:005
Sell iron ore-100:20:0035
Sell hyperborean leather-100:20:006
Sell some quartz-100:20:0018
Sell cedar logs-100:20:0035
Sell some ruidel-100:20:007
Sell lignite-100:20:0075
Sell firm leather-100:20:0015
Sell nettle fiber-100:20:0028
Sell obsidians-100:20:0025
Sell hemp fiber-100:20:0060
Sell comet hearts-100:20:0015
Sell marapidos glass-100:20:0015
Sell acacia logs-100:20:0015
Sell walhein leather-100:20:0012
Sell runic scissors-100:20:0012
Sell diamonds-100:20:005
Sell kaladrinum glass-100:20:0010
Sell lined capes-100:20:001
Sell mariposa stones-100:20:006
Sell bormadar glass-100:20:0010
Sell plated mail arms-100:20:006
Sell goldnester silk-100:20:005
Sell catoplebian leather-100:20:005
Sell garnets-100:20:005
Sell stars of Jotun-100:20:005
Sell spidridus-100:20:0012
Sell runic stills-100:20:002
Sell simboran dye-100:20:004
Sell volcanite lumps-100:20:003
Sell stardust stones-100:20:005
Sell some glacin-100:20:0010
Sell olkznar bundles-100:20:005
Sell crossbows-100:20:002
Sell slatan dye-100:20:003
Sell solone-100:20:0010
Sell dragon's tears-100:20:0010
Sell azulio-100:20:005
Sell dark green dye-100:20:004

[Travail NPC]

Working at the inn-101:00:00
Fulfill special orders801:00:00
Make jam801:00:00
Maintain the stables801:00:00
Work as a carpenter801:00:00
Hunt the frogs801:00:00
Catch stray dogs801:00:00
Listen to rumours in Enorwen801:00:00
Prepare herbs for Amisha801:00:00
Assist the Falconers801:00:00
Help the settlers801:00:00
Repair clothes801:00:00
Maintain the rails and cars801:00:00
Prepare charcoal801:00:00
Work in the laboratory801:00:00
Prepare the artifacts801:00:00
Prepare the stone801:00:00
Build stone fences1801:00:00
Build bridges2001:00:00
Build dwellings2001:00:00
Hunt for the Blackcauldron2001:00:00
Domesticate oryctus2001:00:00
Analyze therianic phenomenons2001:00:00
Help the Arzen sorcerers2201:00:00
Repair the Falconer's bows2501:00:00
Obtain information about life in the Den2501:00:00
Assist a teacher2501:00:00
Be a guide for aristocrats3801:00:00
Brew various beverages3801:00:00
Restore artifacts3801:00:00
Build norstrian frames3801:00:00
Work as an apprentice for Pael4001:00:00
Frequent the Big Heron room4001:00:00
Strengthen the fortress' walls4501:00:00
Mine for the Duchy4501:00:00
Become an extraordinary glass-blower6501:00:00
Cut down extraordinary trees6801:00:00


Request assistance with metal-100:00:101
Request assistance with wood-100:00:101
Request assistance with stone-100:00:101
Request assistance in fashioning-100:00:101
Request assistance with fauna-100:00:101
Request assistance with flora-100:00:101


Give the ancestral dice General-100:00:10
Give old coins General-100:00:10
Give wyvern blood General-100:00:10
Provide information to the Calerons General-100:00:10
Deliver a cargo of ice tears General-100:00:10
Deliver a cargo of slorks General-100:00:10
Deliver a cargo of kryanbor General-100:00:10
Deliver a cargo of Catoblepas meat General-100:00:10
Pick the gems General-100:50:00
Explore the tunnel head down General-100:05:00
Fight Grarr and his bears again General-100:00:10
Fight the catoblepas again General-100:00:10
Fight the catoblepases again General-100:00:10
Fight the Blood Trolls again General-100:00:10
Fight the Sandrian varans again General-100:00:10
Fight the giant vargrs again General-100:00:10
Fight the band of troglodytes again General-100:00:10
Fight the mother barkhein again General-100:00:10
Fight Grarr General-100:00:10
Fight Imogene General-100:00:10
Fight an arachan General-100:00:10
Fight the catoblepas General-100:00:10
Fight a Lanfarian wild dog General-100:00:10
Fight the stone golem General-100:00:10
Fight the barkhein and catoblepases General-100:00:10
Fight the Dawn Mercenaries General-100:00:10
Fight the oryctus General-100:00:10
Fight the Blood Trolls General-100:00:10
Fight the Sandrian varans General-100:00:10
Fight the giant vargrs General-100:00:10
Fight Marvin General-100:00:10
Fight a barkhein General-100:00:10
Fight the Dawn Mercenaries again General-100:00:10
Fight a mother barkhein General-100:00:10
Attack the falcon General-100:00:10
Attack the gelatinous predator General-100:00:10
Attack the little devils without warning General-100:00:10
Wait for a new predator to appear General-100:00:10
Lure the albino snake General-100:00:10
Fight the arachan again General-100:00:10
Fight the Lanfarian wild dog again General-100:00:10
Fight the oryctus again General-100:00:10
Fight the barkhein again General-100:00:10
Fight Marvin again General-100:00:10
Fight Igmara and her men General-100:00:10
Put an offering in the plate General-100:00:10
Fight a band of troglodytes General-100:00:10
Ring the small bell General-100:00:10
Put the marauders to flight General-100:00:10
Open the boxes General-100:00:10
Duel with Imogene once more General-100:00:10
Recover the essential goods General-100:00:10
Lift the tapestry General-100:00:10
Work at the docks General-100:01:15
Attack the mercenaries General-100:00:10
Provoke the anger of Higrann Reap-Soul General-100:00:10
Participate in a training session General-100:00:10
Open Higrann's casket General-100:00:10
Fight the improved golem General000:00:10
Fight the golem General000:00:10
Spray the virus General000:00:10
Burn the webs General000:00:10
Invoke a precious object General000:13:53
Touch the flame General000:00:10
Search the drawers General000:00:10
Dive into the rivulets General000:00:10
Fight the golem General000:00:10
Help with charcoal production General200:05:00