Trade: Herbalist1
Basics of herbalism6
Lessons in herbalism28


Concoct a healing ampoule100:04:101111
Concoct a regeneration ampoule200:04:101111
Concoct a mobility ampoule300:34:431111
Concoct an endurance ampoule400:34:431111
Concoct a meticulousness ampoule500:34:431111
Concoct a dexterity ampoule600:34:431111
Concoct a coordination ampoule700:34:431111
Concoct a vision ampoule800:34:431111
Concoct an intelligence ampoule900:34:431111
Concoct a healing vial2000:41:4011111Yes
Concoct a regeneration vial2200:41:4011111Yes
Concoct a mobility vial2301:16:2311111Yes
Concoct an endurance vial2401:16:2311111Yes
Concoct a meticulousness vial2501:16:2311111Yes
Concoct a dexterity vial2601:16:2311111Yes
Concoct a coordination vial2701:16:2311111Yes
Concoct a vision vial2801:16:2311111Yes
Concoct an intelligence vial2901:16:2311111Yes

Runic potion

Concoct a healing horn3001:23:2011111
Concoct a regeneration horn4201:23:2011111
Concoct a mobility horn4301:30:1611111
Concoct an endurance horn4401:44:1011111
Concoct a meticulousness horn4501:44:1011111
Concoct a dexterity horn4601:44:1011111
Concoct a coordination horn4701:44:1011111
Concoct a vision horn4801:44:1011111
Concoct an intelligence horn4901:44:1011111


Concoct a pale red dye1901:02:302331Yes
Concoct a pale green dye1901:02:302331Yes
Concoct a pale blue dye2201:02:302351Yes
Concoct a pale cyan dye2401:02:302331Yes
Concoct a pale yellow dye2601:02:302331Yes
Concoct a pale purple dye3201:02:302331Yes
Concoct a dark red dye3201:16:232331Yes
Concoct a dark yellow dye3401:16:232331Yes
Concoct a dark cyan dye3401:16:232331Yes
Concoct a dark green dye3501:16:232331Yes
Concoct a dark blue dye3701:16:232351Yes
Concoct a dark purple dye4101:16:232331Yes
Concoct an ornam dye7004:37:467101
Concoct a nuertam dye7304:37:467101
Concoct a chimeram dye7504:37:467101
Concoct a wyvernam dye7704:37:467101
Concoct a walheinam dye7904:37:467101
Concoct a nocturiam dye8004:37:467101
Concoct a solettam dye8104:37:467101
Concoct a demonam dye8304:37:467101


Mix a feed of societies1007:38:203311
Prepare a feed of the elements1007:38:203311
Mix a feed of conflicts1007:38:203311Yes
Prepare a feed of the living1007:38:203311
Prepare a feed of the moon1507:38:203311
Prepare a feed of the sun1507:38:203311


Soak a minor poison3002:18:53333
Soak a scratching poison5002:18:534416
Soak a piercing poison5002:18:534416
Soak in beat poison5002:18:534416
Brew a toxic concentrate6503:28:201001001


Verify the virus' reality -3 Herbalism1000:00:10
Verify the virus' reality -4 Herbalism1000:00:10
Verify the virus' reality Herbalism1000:00:10
Lessons in herbalism Herbalism2500:27:46
Question the baker of the North Star Herbalism2900:00:10
Question the baker of Madame Isolde's Lodge Herbalism3100:00:10

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Farmer10 Leadership
Craftswoman10 Leadership
Herbalist20 Leadership
Blood sap30 Leadership
Stone-sage38 Leadership