Trade: Engineer1
Basics of engineering6


Prepare a sketch300:45:00
Prepare a drawing701:30:00
Prepare an analysis1402:00:00
Prepare a study1703:00:00
Prepare a thesis2005:00:00
Prepare a thesis for a doctor's degree5505:00:00 x 5


Devise a plane100:02:30111Yes
Devise a magnifying glass300:27:46111Yes
Devise a compass500:27:461111Yes
Devise a bellows700:15:00111Yes
Devise a telescope900:27:46111Yes
Devise a still1100:27:46111Yes
Devise a spying kit2000:41:401222
Devise a merchant's scale2000:41:40111Yes
Devise a crossbow3202:30:001111


Design a course1000:20:003015151Yes
Design a fence1000:20:005020201Yes
Devise an irrigation system1000:20:002060101
Devise a cutting winch1000:20:0020601Yes
Devise an oven1000:20:001010201Yes
Devise a forge1000:20:001010201Yes
Devise a sawmill1000:20:001020101Yes
Devise a crane1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a bookcase1000:20:00105551Yes
Devise a butcher's table1000:20:00251051Yes
Devise a stove1000:20:00151051Yes
Devise tanning frames1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a sewing table1000:20:00251051Yes
Devise a jeweler's workbench1000:20:002010101Yes
Devise a hoist1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a scaffolding1000:20:00255101Yes
Devise a cabinetmaker's bench1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise an engineer's desk1000:20:002051051Yes
Devise an experimentation table1000:20:0052051Yes
Devise a captaltar1008:20:002010101
Devise a rail system for ore1000:20:0020601Yes
Devise a rail system for stones1000:20:0020601Yes
Devise a safe1000:20:00202020201
Devise a plants dryer1000:20:001515301
Devise a trap1000:20:001515301
Devise a hand mill1200:50:001202020101
Devise a forgery table1500:20:0052051
Devise a conveyor1500:20:00255101Yes
Devise a bull-powered mill1600:50:0030010050203
Devise a dummy1800:20:00202020201Yes
Devise a windmill2000:50:0040015075405
Devise a watermill2400:50:005002001008010
Devise a samponar4008:20:0020202020202010


Devise a goods lift3007:57:4630010025100303015Yes
Devise a derrick3007:57:465001002510010015Yes
Devise a big hoist3007:57:465001005010010015Yes
Devise a stone jaw4502:11:0620020010010020
Devise a high-furnace6006:56:40530010

Bricolum runak

Devise a runic bellows5004:37:461111
Devise a runic scale5004:37:461111
Devise a runic compass5004:37:4611111
Devise a runic plane5004:37:461111
Devise a runic spying case5004:37:4622211
Devise a runic still5004:37:461111Yes

Machienum runak

Devise a runic jewelry bench6005:47:1340202011
Devise a runic forgery table6005:47:1320402011
Devise a runic oven6005:47:1320204011
Devise a runic forge6005:47:1320204011
Devise a runic stove6005:47:1330201101
Devise a runic crane6005:47:1350151511
Devise a runic sawmill6005:47:1320402011
Devise a runic butcher's table6005:47:1350201011
Devise a runic bookcase6005:47:134020202011
Devise a runic cabinetmaker's bench6005:47:1345181811
Devise a runic scaffolding6005:47:1350101811
Devise a runic hoist6005:47:1347171611
Devise a runic engineer's desk6005:47:134010201011
Devise a runic tanning frames6005:47:1346121211
Devise a runic sewing table6005:47:1350201011
Devise a runic experimentation table6005:47:1312401211
Devise a runic captaltar6008:20:0040202011
Devise a runic trap6005:47:1330306011
Devise a runic plant dryer6005:47:1330306011
Devise runic rails for ore6005:47:134012011
Devise runic rails for stone6005:47:134012011
Devise a runic course6005:47:1360303011
Devise a runic fence6005:47:13100404011
Devise a runic cutting winch6005:47:134012011
Devise a runic irrigation system6005:47:13401202011
Devise a runic hand mill6205:47:1324040402011
Devise a runic dummy6205:47:134040404011
Devise a runic conveyor6505:47:1350102011
Devise a runic bull mill6605:47:136002001004013
Devise a runic samponar6808:20:00404040404040110
Devise a runic windmill7005:47:138003001508015
Devise a runic watermill7405:47:131000400200160110


Trap the wood goat Engineering1400:00:10
Renovate the Praen farm's buildings Engineering1500:13:53
Research at the university Engineering3002:18:53 x 4
Use the imbalance Engineering3000:00:10
Divert the catorpicar's attention Engineering3500:00:10
Study the samponar Engineering5500:55:33 x 20
Study the equipment Engineering6000:00:10
Learn to assemble the runic watermill Engineering7200:15:00 x 5

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Erudite10 Leadership
Engineer20 Leadership
Golem monster27 Engineering
Visionary30 Leadership
Jacomo Silas32
Wandering polymath37 Leadership
Marid42 Leadership