Trade: Jeweler1
Basics of jewelry-making6


Cut a malachite200:10:0011Yes
Cut a cassiterite400:10:0011Yes
Cut an azurite600:10:0011Yes
Cut an obsidian800:20:0011Yes
Cut a jade1000:20:0011Yes
Cut a citrine1200:20:0011Yes
Cut a tanzanite1400:25:0011Yes
Cut an onyx1500:25:0011Yes
Cut a topaz1600:25:0011Yes
Cut an amethyst1800:25:0011Yes
Cut an opal2000:30:0011Yes
Cut a quartz2200:30:0011Yes
Cut a tsavorite2400:30:0011Yes
Cut a ruby2600:40:0011Yes
Cut a turquoise2800:40:0011Yes
Cut a zircon3000:40:0011
Cut a lapis lazuli3200:40:0011Yes
Cut a jasper3400:40:0011
Cut a serpentine3600:55:0011
Cut an emerald3800:55:0011Yes
Cut a garnet4000:55:0011Yes
Cut a sapphire4200:55:0011Yes
Cut a morganite4400:55:0011Yes
Cut amber4601:05:0011Yes
Cut a diamond4801:05:0011Yes
Cut a phoenix eye5001:16:2311Yes
Cut a centaur's tear5201:16:2311
Cut a deep stone5401:23:2011Yes
Cut a spirit stone5601:23:2011
Cut a unicorn's tear5801:23:2011
Cut a dragon's tear6001:30:1611Yes
Cut an ice tear6201:30:1611Yes
Cut a snake eye6401:30:1611Yes
Cut a stardust stone7001:37:1311Yes
Cut a volcano heart7701:37:1311
Cut a comet heart8201:44:1011
Cut a moonstone8601:44:1011
Cut a sunstone8602:18:5311
Cut an elementary heart8803:28:2011Yes
Cut a celestial stone9004:37:4611

Jewel crafting

Make a band100:01:151
Make a pendant300:20:0011Yes
Make a ring500:30:0011Yes
Make a brooch700:30:00111Yes
Make a hand chain900:45:00111Yes
Make a bracelet1200:45:001111Yes
Make a necklace1500:45:001111Yes

Glass blowing

Blow glass jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
Blow glass jewelry clasps1000:27:4611Yes
Blow a glass ampoule1000:04:1011
Blow a glass jar1200:04:1021Yes
Blow glass jewelry embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
Blow a small glass bottle1500:08:2021
Blow a glass table service2000:11:06101
Blow a glass flask2000:12:3031
Blow glass trims2500:27:4611Yes
Blow a glass jug2500:16:4041Yes
Blow a glass dome3000:16:40305Yes
Blow a Glassberd3806:56:4025110Yes
Blow a horn4000:20:50521
Blow an yggdracin5005:22:46502020202010
Blow a mirror targe5610:25:00301020
Blow weaponglass plates6004:37:46310

Bestarius jewelry

Make a Sea prowler bracelet4801:23:20511
Make a White catoblepas bracelet4901:23:20511
Make Crodor pendant5001:23:20511
Make a Blacktop ring5101:23:20511
Make an Araknidras brooch5201:23:20511
Make a Royal goat bracelet5301:23:20511
Make a Scorpidus ring5401:23:20511
Make a ring of the Ancestor7605:47:135222
Make a ring of the Bandits7705:47:135222
Make a necklace of the Ancestor7805:47:137444
Make a necklace of the Bandits7905:47:137444
Make a ring of Vyvar8105:47:134222
Make the ring of Gregorsteinus8205:47:133222
Make a necklace of Vyvar8305:47:136333
Make a necklace of Gregorsteinus8405:47:135444

Cluster fraction

Fractionate a charbalitic cluster6006:56:40120Yes
Fractionate an iciok cluster7008:06:06140

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Craftswoman10 Leadership
Borzem negotiator20 Leadership
Jeweler20 Leadership
Rowan Selenic25
Labyrinth inspirer28 Leadership
Modiste30 Leadership
Autocrat37 Leadership
Imperial Jeweller44 Leadership