Basics of leadership6


Recruit a young artisan000:01:15
Recruit a young blacksmith000:01:15
Recruit a young forester000:01:15
Recruit a young quarryman000:01:15
Recruit a young herbalist000:01:15
Recruit a young tamer000:01:15
Recruit a guide000:25:00
Recruit a forester100:20:50
Recruit a farmer200:13:53
Recruit an artisan200:16:40
Recruit a laborer200:13:53
Recruit a craftswoman200:16:40
Recruit a page300:11:06
Recruit a big guy500:16:402
Recruit a henchman700:34:43
Recruit a guard800:20:50
Recruit a scholar900:20:00
Recruit a soldier1000:20:50
Recruit a Borzem negotiator1500:25:00
Recruit a captain2000:20:50
Recruit a Norstrian mountain dweller2700:20:50
Recruit a Norstrian scout2700:20:50


Recruit a breeder1400:27:460
Recruit a prospector1400:27:460
Recruit a lumberjack1400:27:460
Recruit a carpenter1400:27:460
Recruit a botanist1400:27:460
Recruit a farmer1400:27:460
Recruit a quarryman1400:27:460
Recruit an explorer1800:27:460
Recruit a nomad2900:27:46


Recruit a herbalist1400:27:460
Recruit a jeweler1400:27:460
Recruit an archeologist1400:27:460
Recruit an engineer1800:27:460
Recruit an alchemist1800:27:460
Recruit an orator1800:27:460
Recruit a merchant2900:27:460
Recruit a spy3300:27:461


Recruit a blacksmith1400:27:460
Recruit a founder1400:27:460
Recruit a woodworker1400:27:460
Recruit a dressmaker1400:27:460
Recruit a tanner1400:27:460
Recruit a stonecutter1400:27:460
Recruit a mason1400:27:460


Recruit a swordsman2200:20:50
Recruit a sister in arms2500:27:46
Recruit a squire2800:27:46


Recruit a fire leader3200:41:400
Recruit a stone sounder3200:41:400
Recruit a wood scorer3200:41:400
Recruit a predator3200:41:400
Recruit a blood sap3200:41:400
Recruit a modiste3200:41:400
Recruit a visionary3200:41:400
Recruit a charmer3200:41:400

Recruiting in the Den

Recruit a wordless arm3800:41:40
Recruit a crowd muddler4000:41:40
Recruit a labyrinth inspirer4200:41:40
Recruit a wandering polymath4400:41:40
Recruit a conjurer of dreams4600:41:40

Recruitment of imperials

Recruit a protector4700:41:40
Recruit a conspirator4900:41:40
Recruit a young lord5200:41:40
Recruit a diplomat5500:41:40
Hire an imperial jeweller6200:41:400

Recruitment of legendary

Hire an autocrat-100:00:1010
Hire a hipporiel-100:00:1010
Hire a royal chimera-100:00:1010
Hire a Boarserker-100:00:1010
Hire the Stone-sage-100:00:1010


Embaucher un doublon Leadership-100:00:10
Work as a Falconer agent Leadership000:00:10
Pay a round to the Falconers Leadership800:00:10
Task with yield and cooldown Leadership1000:00:10
Question the labourers Leadership1200:00:10
Participate in the Dagger Ball Leadership1500:01:40
Recruit a team of hunters Leadership1800:00:50
Question the witnesses Leadership2300:00:10
Recruit a team of archeologists Leadership2500:00:10
Start rumors at the Bandits' camp Leadership2800:00:10
Talk with singing drunk people Leadership3000:00:10
Discuss with the clients Leadership3000:00:10
Interrogate the residents of Teasan Leadership3000:00:10
Question the sailors at Craneharbor Leadership3000:00:10
Question the residents of Hawkoria Leadership3000:00:10
Question the merchants of Hawkoria Leadership3000:00:10
Question the merchants of Craneharbor Leadership3000:00:10
Question the merchants of Teasan Leadership3000:00:10
Talk with the musicians Leadership3500:00:10
Discuss with the Arzen Leadership3900:00:10
Discuss with the Borzems Leadership3900:00:10
Ask Yraen to gather information Leadership4000:00:50
Ask Cerrydwen to infiltrate Leadership4400:00:50
Listen to the families of the missing at Henfeig Leadership4500:00:10
Ask Rowan to gather information Leadership4500:00:50
Listen to the families of the missing at the Palace Leadership4800:00:10
Negotiate an agreement with the peddler Leadership5000:00:10
Discuss with Grigoria Leadership5600:00:10
Pay the Fighting Otter sailors Leadership5800:00:10
Question the apprentice brewers Leadership5900:00:10
Help the wounded to escape Leadership6000:00:10

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
War Horse10 Breeding
Page10 Leadership
Yraen Assalan20
Autocrat20 Leadership
Orator20 Leadership
Protector25 Leadership
Charmer30 Leadership
Yormun Gan33
Young lord40 Leadership