Trade: Stonecutter1
Basics of stonecutting6
Training session in stone carving12
Stonecutting seminar18

Stone cutting

Cut a block of marl400:02:3011Yes
Cut a block of limestone700:05:0011Yes
Cut a block of granite1000:11:1511Yes
Cut a block of sandstone1200:10:0011Yes
Cut a block of slate1200:05:0011Yes
Cut a block of marble1500:12:3011Yes
Cut a block of borm2300:22:2111Yes
Cut a block of marapis2500:11:1511
Cut a block of lanferite2800:11:1511Yes
Cut a block of diorite3000:11:1511Yes
Cut a block of palpable3300:11:1511
Cut a block of lithosnow3500:11:1511
Cut a block of simblior4000:11:1511
Cut a block of oceanite4200:11:1511
Cut a block of iriandanild4500:11:1511Yes
Cut a block of xuran5101:51:0611Yes
Cut a block of grimalroc6101:38:36120
Cut a block of volcanite6701:52:301100

Stone carving

Sculpt a grindstone300:06:4011
Sculpt a stone club500:26:00111
Sculpt stone jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
Sculpt a mortar and pestle600:13:5311Yes
Sculpt stone clasps1000:27:4611Yes
Sculpt a cupel1200:13:5311Yes
Sculpt stone embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
Sculpt a battle hammer1500:26:00211
Make slate shingles1800:25:0051Yes
Sculpt a hearth1800:25:0031
Make a stone sculpture2200:25:0031Yes
Sculpt stone trims2500:27:4611Yes
Sculpt a statue2800:25:0051Yes
Sculpt a scepter mace3004:22:0610110

Monolith cutting

Sculpt a limestone monolith5006:56:40110Yes
Sculpt a sandstone monolith5506:56:40110Yes
Sculpt a marapis monolith5806:56:40110Yes
Sculpt a marble monolith6006:56:40110Yes
Sculpt a lanferite monolith6306:56:40110Yes
Sculpt a lithosnow monolith6606:56:40110
Sculpt a palpable monolith6806:56:40110
Sculpt a grimalroc monolith7206:56:40110

Runic sculpture

Sculpt a runic mortar and pestle5004:37:46111
Make a sceptorunic mace6004:22:06201120
Sculpt a sceptrotoxic mace7004:22:062011120


Supply Oskalia with granite blocks Stonecutting-100:00:10
Stonecutting seminar Stonecutting1200:58:45
Do Armand a favor Stonecutting3500:16:40

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Artisan10 Leadership
Stonecutter20 Leadership
Crowd muddler28 Leadership
Stone sounder30 Leadership
Emerust37 Leadership