Trade: Tanner1
Basics of tanning6


Tan a hare skin300:03:2811
Tan a doe skin500:12:3011Yes
Tan a stag skin700:12:3011Yes
Tan an elk skin1000:12:3011
Tan a wild boar skin1200:12:3011Yes
Tan a bear skin1500:12:3011Yes
Tan a varanus skin1600:13:5311Yes
Tan a wolf skin1700:12:3011Yes
Tan an aurochs skin1800:12:3011Yes
Tan an oryctus skin2000:13:5311
Tan a behiran skin2200:20:5011
Tan a grizzly skin2400:17:2111
Tan a barkhein skin2500:16:4011
Tan a vargr skin2700:40:1613Yes
Obtain borzemian leather3000:03:281111
Tan a Norstrian goat skin3300:44:2612
Tan a catoblepas skin4000:40:16133
Tan the Royal goat's skin4500:31:1552
Tan a chimera skin4900:44:2614
Tan a walhein skin5300:36:0611
Tan an ayrann skin5700:55:3311
Tan a wyvern skin5901:02:3011
Tan a necrowyvern skin6301:30:161040

Leather Armory

Make a leather coif100:04:5121Yes
Make leather gloves300:20:0011Yes
Make leather crakows500:20:0011Yes
Make a leather whip700:30:0021Yes
Make a leather spangenhelm900:20:0051Yes
Make a leather jacket1000:20:5031Yes
Make leather arms1100:15:0031Yes
Make studded leather gloves1200:30:00111Yes
Make leather legs1300:30:0041Yes
Make short leather boots1400:20:0031Yes
Make a leather barbute1500:30:0051Yes
Make a leather chest1600:30:0061Yes
Make high leather boots1700:30:0061Yes
Make studded leather arms1800:45:00321Yes
Make studded leather boots1900:45:00511Yes
Make studded leather legs2000:45:00431Yes
Make a studded leather barbute2100:45:00521Yes
Make a studded leather chest2201:00:00821Yes
Make scale boots2400:48:36371Yes
Make leather trims2500:27:4611Yes
Make scale arms2500:45:00331Yes
Make scale legs2600:45:00431Yes
Make mail boots2800:55:33371Yes
Make scale armor3000:48:361051
Make a Scale Helm3500:48:36651Yes
Make plate boots3600:55:33371Yes

Runic Tanning

Make a runic whip5004:37:46211

Conpanions for trade

NameSkillGet with
Craftswoman10 Leadership
Tanner20 Leadership
Modiste30 Leadership
Royal chimera40 Leadership